linearOMEGA’s founder Sieglinde Van Damme is a communications consultant for small businesses and entrepreneurs: strategies, message development, brand management, business storytelling, social media positioning, thought leadership programs, copywriting, editing and more.

With a background in business as well as in art, her left brain/right brain training makes her a strategic thinker, effective communicator and a creative storyteller with both images and words.

Sieglinde holds a Master in Economic Sciences from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and a Master in Fine Art – Photography from San Jose State University.

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“Sieglinde is an awesome soundboard!  I like how she thinks outside the box and still keeps a foot in reality.  As business owners we often get a little too close to our own stuff.  Thinking things through with Sieglinde helped me get my own thoughts AND my goals back on track!” O.L., Fremont

“Sieglinde has an uncanny ability to present the big picture in a clear and concise way.  With razor sharp questions she drills down to the essence and then builds everything back up in a very structured way, along with a productive path forward.” M.H., San Jose

“After 20 years in business I had to revive my core activities in a changed marketplace.  Sieglinde was instrumental in launching my new website. She wrote great copy and structured it to better connect with our customers.  She also drafted a solid social media strategy which she linked to new and exciting sections on our website, all geared to generate more engagement … and more fun!” J.K., San Jose

“Sieglinde is a great connector.  Even though I barely knew her she introduced me to a few people she was talking to at an event.  The way she presented my business concept to them was the best elevator pitch I could ever come up with!  I promptly asked her to review and help refine my investor keynote presentation.” H.J., San Jose

“Sieglinde = HOT (Head of Twitter ;-).  Three weeks before our big event we had virtually no traction on Twitter so we gave Sieglinde the keys to the kingdom.  In those three weeks she ran a campaign that took us from less than 900 impressions to a riveting 17K and up!  The Twitter excitement drove more traffic to our website, translating into ticket sales and a very successful event.” A.S., San Jose

“We organized a new city initiative and needed help to spread the word. Sieglinde wrote copy for a Twitter campaign and then taught us how to execute it ourselves in a simple and painless way. She’s a social media queen and a great teacher on top!” K.W., San Jose

“Sieglinde is a master of words.  We asked her to review the copy for our crowdfunding campaign to make sure we were getting the right message across.  The end result was an easy to read, flowing storyline of our business, product, and we met our funding goals!” J.N., San Francisco