Substantial growth only happens when key business elements work together like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, when working with linearOMEGA you join a selected network of vetted partners for your Digital Marketing & Graphic Design needs, as well as Operational Business Consulting and Leadership Training.


  • Digital Marketing:

Michael Lee, CEO,  runs a full digital marketing agency known for beautifully made, highly effective, and revenue generating marketing campaigns. Their services include website design, SEO, graphic design, online marketing and more.


  • Graphic Design:

Depending on your project, we have various graphic design connection to deliver just what you need.


  • Operational Business Consulting:

Pericles DeAvila, CEO, brings 25 years of expertise in business development, management, and finance to the table. He is known for steering companies from stagnation into hyper growth, in record time.


  • Leadership Training:

Laura Perez Ehrheart, CEO and Executive Consultant, partners with senior executives of small to midsize companies to help identify and solve the people and process issues that prevent their business from reaching its maximum revenue and growth potential.